10 Reasons Autumn is so GREAT

A lot of people love Autumn, and I am no exception.  Although, when I start thinking of “Favourite season,” I can find things to like about all seasons so obviously this is very subjective.  But since it is the end of September, here are 10 reasons why autumn is so great.

  1. Apples, apple cider, apple juice, apple spice.
  2. Pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, pumpkin juice (Harry Potter, anyone?)
  3. Crunchy leaves.
  4. Lots of rain. It gets tiring after a while but I’m sure happy for it after all the forest fires this past summer.
  5. Warm clothes.
  6. Thanksgiving
  7. Warm hearty dishes are more appropriate this time of year than in the middle of summer.
  8. Hot coffee on a cool autumn day is much better than on a hot day.
  9. Halloween, I guess. I’m not a huge fan but I know it’s a huge part of what makes autumn so great for a lot of people.
  10. Christmas is coming soon, in just a little over 2 months it will be December already!

Alright, that’s it all, have an awesome day.  What are your favourite things about autumn?

Take care!


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