Work lunches

Since I have been working full-time for a little over a year, I have tried a few different kinds of lunches.  Some have worked better than others for me.  I thought I’d share my thoughts on a few lunches I have had over the past year or so, and my opinion on it, how well it worked for me.

Salads – Salads feel healthy although often can feel boring.  I like to add make them more substantial by adding chickpeas, pasta, cheese, and/or chicken.  It’s nice if I can prepare a big bowl of salad or at least the washed and chopped vegetables, so it makes for an easier lunch prep in the morning or the night before.

My favourite salad is a greek pasta salad, with pasta (or rice, orzo) and some tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, a bit of onion, feta cheese and some Greek dressing (or Italian if I that’s what I have).  Sometimes I add chickpeas for a bit of extra protein.  Chicken would probably work well, but not something I have on hand as often.  I like keeping a can of chickpeas in the cupboard for an easy addition to a lunch.

Sandwiches – It’s a lunch staple but one I don’t often do because one of my favourite sandwich toppings is a tomato.   If you don’t already know, I advise anyone to be careful bringing a tomato sandwich somewhere as the tomato’s juice can make the bread soggy.  I have tried bringing the tomato on the side and assembling at work but it makes for a more complicated lunch set up and I haven’t done it often.

One of my favourite easy sandwich ideas is a simple cheese sandwich, with some pickle slices if I have them.  Sometimes I like to get a sandwich at the restaurant in the same building as my work, but this cost adds up over time.

Leftovers – I like the idea of leftovers but don’t always have any, or want to save them for my partner’s lunch, or they are awkward to pack for lunch and tote to work.  Some leftovers are easier for me to bring to work than others.  One of my favourite leftover foods to bring to work is any version of a tomato pasta dish.  I think tomato sauces lend themselves well to being eaten within the next couple of days.

Sometimes I find the smells of cold leftovers to be a bit unappealing.  However, in those cases, I have found when I reheat them, it awakens some of the food aromas that make the dish more appealing.  It’s kind of funny because I used to be a girl who would often enjoy eating cold leftovers, and I still do sometimes, but lately, I have been preferring to heat up my leftovers.

On the topic of cold leftovers, has anyone else ever eaten a cold potato with miracle whip or mayo?  This is something I learned from my mom who remembers it from her own childhood, and I tried it, and it is very satisfying.  It’s like a lazy potato salad.

Great, now I want potatoes.

Where was I?  Oh right, work lunches…  I have one final topic on work lunches to talk about in this blog post.


Snack lunches are what I like to call lunches where I put together a lunch from whatever I have on hand. It might include things like:

-crackers and cheese, a piece of fruit, a yogurt cup, a breakfast bar/granola bar

There are lots of other things that can be included in this list of course.

I think these types of lunches remind me a lot of the lunches I might have had as a child in elementary school.  They are lunches which do not rely on a microwave to be heated up and can keep fairly well throughout the day. Although it is a lot nicer for the yogurt and cheese to be in a fridge.  I like these types of lunches because it can be easier to shop for and keep stock of these items.  They also don’t take much prep work, some don’t take any.

Often I like keeping these snack lunch items on hand because I can add them to an existing lunch.  But sometimes I end up with a lunch composed entirely of snack lunch items.  I sometimes feel a bit awkward if someone asks what’s for lunch because it doesn’t sound like a lot.  But the moment usually passes quickly and I can move on with the day.

Anyway, if you are reading this, feel free to comment on your favourite ideas for lunches and any plans you have for future lunches. Take care!


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