Fresh Prep – My experience

Hi!  A few weeks ago, I decided to finally try signing up for Fresh Prep’s meal kit delivery service.  I had heard about Fresh Prep at university; I actually did some research on them for one of my university courses.  However, it wasn’t right for me back then.

Back in August, or was it late July, I received a flyer on my daily transit commute to work.  It was promoting Fresh Prep and included a promo code for 3 free meals with the first order.  I guess the idea of doing Fresh Prep or some other meal kit delivery service had already been on my mind, but getting the flyer brought it to the front of my mind.  So I decided to at least sign-up, see the delivery options, and check out the meal options as well.

Flash forward to now, after a few weeks of getting Fresh Prep meals and cooking them and eating them with my partner,  I am ready to give a review.

Ten things I like about Fresh Prep and why I think you should try it:

  1. I have cooked meals with this service that I would not normally be able to make.
  2. I have cooked with ingredients I have not cooked with (much) before.
  3. I don’t have to go grocery shopping for this meal, it gets delivered to me.
  4. I got to choose what meals that I wanted, and can review the recipe ahead of time to know what I get myself into.
  5. I have enjoyed all of the meals to some degree, but some of them were better than others.
  6. The customer service is good and they were responsive when I made a comment.
  7. You can easily skip a week of delivery and change meals, as long as you do so before Thursday at Midnight.  I think it is easy to cancel your service as well by sending a quick email.  It’s all in their FAQ.
  8. They have a variety of meals, including vegetarian and gluten-free.
  9. They are a Vancouver based company which is good for me, because it is local, and they try to use local ingredients where possible.
  10. The recipes are fairly balanced, with vegetables as well as protein and starches.

Five things I didn’t like about Fresh Prep:

  1. The first two weeks the delivery driver arrived 1 hour before the delivery time slot.  However, after I chatted with someone through the Fresh Prep site, the last two times, it was better.
  2. Not all recipes suited my taste, or my partner’s taste.  That’s okay, it was a learning experience.  Not really Fresh Prep’s fault as we all have different flavor preferences.
  3. Not Fresh Prep’s fault again, they did say salt and pepper TO TASTE, but I have now over peppered on two separate occasions.  So, be mindful of how much pepper you are adding – you can always add more, it is much more difficult (near impossible) to remove black pepper from a dish.  😉
  4. Sometimes the meals feel like too much food, other times not quite enough on their own.  Though some of that could be related to how hungry we were before we sat down to eat.
  5. I can’t think of any other things at this time.  I have enjoyed using Fresh Prep quite a bit.

It has been a fun experience cooking with Fresh Prep! Oh, and the last two weeks they gave free samples from companies they partnered with.

If you want to give Fresh Prep a try, at least if you are in or near Vancouver, I am not sure how wide their delivery zone is, they have an awesome refer a friend program, where you can get 3 free servings and I would get 1 free one on my next order.  You can follow the link below or let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work because it expires after 30 days.

Of course, no pressure!  It didn’t work for me when I first heard of it, but it was the right move for me now, a few years later!  It’s a pretty affordable plan even without the promo, but the promo is nice to try it out to see if it is right for YOU and your situation!  It won’t be right for everyone.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this. I am sure I will write more on it some other time in the future.  I may also share thoughts on some of the specific recipes I made with their meal kits, to give you an example of how it works.

Take care and have a great day!



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