Home cooking: So satisfying (when it turns out)

I wanted to talk about how when I make a meal that requires more preparation, and it turns out good!  I recently made some soup, based on a soup I remember fondly from childhood (tomato soup, cabbage, potato, onion, kind of similar to a “borscht” but not the one with beets, just a cabbage tomato vegetable one).  I like meal prepping when I can organize everything to be able to watch a show on Netflix or something while peeling or chopping vegetables, and then putting it all together and letting it cook.  The soup I made yesterday turned out very well, my boyfriend also enjoyed it, though I think I liked it most. 😀

Though it does not always turn out well.  A few days ago, I decided to boil some potatoes and did not cut them up, and since some were smaller than others, some were done sooner, so I thought I would take out the ones that were cooked and leave the others to cook more… long story short, not all the potatoes got cooked enough and the potatoes were not as creamy (tasted okay but not as good as I previously made them) and caused my boyfriend and I some digestive distress in our GI tracts later on in the evening.  Despite this fail, I think it was good it happened as it helped reinforce the need to cook potatoes enough, and in addition… ensure the potatoes are evenly sized, even if that means I need to cut up the whole potato.  Also, especially since I was making mashed potatoes, I think overcooking some potatoes would have been preferable to under cooking some.  Anyway, this is an example of where a mistake can turn into a lesson learned.  Most mistakes can.  And that is why we get wiser as we get older… I know I am a lot wiser today at 26 than I was at 20 or 23.  Also, this is why we should listen to our parents because they know a lot and (usually) have our best interests at heart. 🙂

Anyway, happy cooking to everyone out there and I hope your cooking is a success and if not, I hope you learned something from it!  Take care!

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