When I get reminded of why I decided to study nutrition at university

This past semester I have been studying lifespan nutrition, from conception, through pregnancy, lactation and infant nutrition, childhood, adolescence and adulthood and senior nutrition.  This has probably been my favorite course this semester.  The instructor is very nice, but the material is also very relatable.  I love being able to take the material I learn in class and apply it to my life, either currently, or think about it in relation to my past or future.  I feel like this is something I want to explore on this blog. I really feel passionate about helping people be able to eat healthily and enjoy their food, but also I know that in addition to good nutrition, it is important to be physically active, something I struggle with maintaining but I know I need to do better at.

As I review the material in this course and study for exams, I will be thinking again of ways these topics relate to my life or things I have read, etc, and use it as inspiration for blog posts to track my journey through nutrition.  I also may write my thoughts about health foods with added benefits and supplements, as I have also been studying that.  If I mention economics or psychology, it is possible I am trying to enhance my learning by connecting all the courses I am studying together!  I think it is easier with psychology than economics, which is probably why I do not like economics as much.  But I thought it would be useful for my career…

Anyway, that is enough for today.

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