What to make for dinner? The struggle of meal planning

Hi there, I wanted to blog about my struggles with meal planning.  I think that it is difficult for me because I want to make the perfect meal plan, but I also want the meal plan to be flexible to changes as sometimes things come up, like getting together with friends and family.  Though, I think usually it works well to plan a week ahead.  Though it is also a struggle because I want to try new recipes but am on a limited budget.  However, I know that healthy eating does not have to be expensive.  The other factor is trying to cook something that both my boyfriend and I will like, although we have many recipes we can enjoy together already, so I have a good idea.

As a nutrition student, I want to make the recipes as healthy as possible, so to start I want to follow the Canadian Food Guide for Healthy living.  I am going to use this blog to write about my journey with creating a meal plan.  I am going to make a meal plan and then write about what went well and what did not go well.  At least that is my plan.

I think meal planning is very good for people who are on a budget because it can help make the grocery shopping more efficient.  It can be just so difficult sometimes.  In the next few days, I plan to make a week 1 meal plan for 2 adults (1 male one female) and I will make comments on what worked and what didn’t.  Hopefully by committing to write about it in this blog, it will help motivate me to follow through with this plan.  I have nutrition knowledge and this is a good way for me to put it into action. It can just be so difficult.  Though I know if I start now when it is just the two of us, then it will be easier to make meal plans in the future when we get married and have kids.  Anyway that is at least a few years into the future, so let’s focus on the meal plans for two and blog about how it goes.

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