Mennonite Cooking: Cottage Cheese Perogies

Cottage Cheese Perogies – The recipe I used is from my favourite Mennonite recipe blog “Mennonite Girls Can Cook” Click here for the recipe.

I got inspired to make this recipe while at Safeway earlier this week, and saw “dry cottage cheese curds” on the shelf in the refrigerated section, near the cheese and margarine/butter, and of course regular cottage cheese. This got me excited because I had previously remembered cottage cheese perogies.  This is due to most store packaged perogies being potato and something, none were just cottage cheese. I have seen potato and cottage cheese, however.  But this excited me because I recall pleasant memories in my past eating cottage cheese perogies with my family.  I even recall helping make cottage cheese perogies at my grandma and grandpa’s house a long time ago, when I was younger.

Anyway, so I just wanted to share some pictures of the result of this adventure in Mennonite baking cooking!  Also, the first recipe I made of perogies, I couldn’t find my rolling pin and made them by hand, in addition to having to estimate the amount of flour I added because I accidentally dumped in more than a cup and had to estimate that it was 2 cups of flour in the bowl… also I ended up making some huge perogies.  The perogies also expanded a lot, which scared me a little, but then I was very impressed with the result.  The first batch I also added a splash of buttermilk which I think made them extra good. The second batch of perogies I was able to use a rolling pin and made them smaller, and no additional buttermilk and they turned out good.

I think that the first batch seemed better than it was because I was worried they would not be cooked enough or would taste bad, but they tasted good. The second batch that I had today was good but didn’t impress as much because I already knew they were good.

Anyway, I still have some dry cottage cheese curd mixture so I am going to have to make some more dough or find another use for them.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the perogies!  I made a mushroom and onion gravy to go with them!!


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