Mennonite Baking: Soft White Peppermint Cookies

Soft White Peppermint Cookies


Hey!! Yesterday I made these delicious cookies.  I used a recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook, the best go-to website for Mennonite recipes (as well as other recipes, but I mainly use it for the Mennonite specific recipes).  The recipe can be found here.

The one awesome thing about this recipe is that it is very easy to make.  It is especially convenient because traditional version uses baking ammonia and peppermint oil, both of which are very hard to find in normal grocery stores today.  Though this recipe is very good despite not having those ingredients.  They remind me very much of the ones my mom has made before, as well as my Oma/grandma.

I really like making these kinds of recipes, especially as I have gotten older and started my more adult life with my boyfriend because making these recipes connects me to my family history and that makes me feel good.  It makes me feel like my family will always be with me, because whenever I make these recipes I will think of them.  It is also especially nice at Christmas because Christmas cookies are always good and Christmas is a great time for baking and family.

Anyway, I am pretty excited with this success and am probably going to make another batch soon because I have more cream to use up!  They are not healthy at all, so remember, if you make these, they are a treat in moderation.  I could have tried to make a healthier version.  Maybe I will some day, but it would not be the same recipe.  This is a nice treat on occasion and one I will keep in mind for times to come, especially in the future when I actually have guests over or for in the future when I may have kids one day, so I can pass on the love of baking to them… or not, if they have no interest in it at all.

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