Trying to be healthy as a student…

This is a topic of special importance to me because it is something I am dealing with now and have been for at least the past more than 3 years because it has been the time I have been at university living away from my parents.  As a nutrition student, with the knowledge I have, I feel the pressure to always try and eat healthier.  Also even just living in Vancouver, I feel the pressures to eat healthy as Vancouver is a very green, and overall very health conscious as a city.

However, due to money and time constraints, it is often difficult to take the time to plan meals, in addition to it being difficult to keep the costs low while still eating healthy.  Also because I want to encourage my boyfriend to also eat healthy with me, so I want to find meals we both enjoy, which can pose its challenges.  Though I don’t want to give up on this.

I think that these struggles I am having will only help me in the long run.  When I overcome these things, I can look back on the pathway I took to getting there, and therefore be able to help others and impart any wisdom on others who may be feeling similarly to how I am now.

However, I am not perfect and never was and never will be.  We are all imperfect people striving for the best we can be, trying to love everyone we meet along the way in the best ways we can.

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