Mennonite Baking: (lazy) Napolean Torte!


So… a few days ago I made this delicious dessert.  Really this is NOT a health post.  This recipe is way further on the “comfort food” and not so much healthy food.

However, I wanted to blog about it.  Why? Because it has some special connection to me to be able to make this dessert.

My Oma (grandma on my dad’s side; my dad’s mom) was a very good cook and baker and chef as far as I can remember.  She made great food and it was always a treat to go over to my Oma and Opa’s for supper.  One thing I remember, more when I was a bit older, when my Oma and Opa would come to my parent’s house for dinner for one of our birthdays, my Oma would almost always bring a delicious dessert called ‘torte’.

My parents would also have a delicious cake, but I remember the torte being most popular, it was so delicious and one piece just didn’t seem enough even if I was full.

Now my grandparents are all passed away and I like to remember them and often try to do this through certain food experiences.  And one has been that I really wanted to find a recipe for this torte.  I couldn’t find it anywhere; looking for recipes for “torte” on Google shows all these desserts that look good, but not quite what I remembered.

I had pretty much given up on it because I figured it could have been something special variation of torte my Oma did that wasn’t really that universal, no one else had posted it online… but my search was renewed, I think I read one of my cousins talking about torte and then I looked on the go-to site for a Mennonite baking (Mennonite Girls can Cook: Mennonite Recipes).  Then I found it.. the Napolean torte. But the first ones I looked at had this complicated part with baking the little cakes to layer between the pudding and cream.  I thought I would try it but I needed to set aside more time for that and as a busy university student, that was hard to do.

But then I came across, Lazy Napolean Torte, and got so excited, because it used unsalted soda crackers, which yes, seems odd, but trust me on this, it works brilliantly!  This dessert is so easy.. and while yes it tastes good.  But for me, it demonstrates that my love of food is not just taste but the memories associated with the taste and the people associated with the flavors.

So anyway, I just wanted to document this and share the photos of the Napolean torte. It made a lot… I have to take a break from it, but if I feel like it, I might make it closer to Christmas time to see what some other people think!


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