What kinds of food do I like to eat?

It is interesting to me to think about what kinds of foods I like to eat (and maybe also the foods I dislike to eat or refrain from eating) at certain points in time.  It is interesting because I know that I go through phases of eating a lot of a certain food or meal and then I’ll switch it up to something else for a bit.  There are certain staple meals that I like, and especially ones that both my boyfriend and I like that we will keep having more than others because of certain factors.  Here I will start with a quick list of foods and then further explain some of the reasoning behind certain food choices, at least as much as I am aware of the reasoning.


Silver Hills Sprouted Bread (Lately “the King’s bread” because it’s my boyfriend’s favourite, but I really love “Squirrelly” bread) with margarine, and sometimes peanut butter, or peanut butter and jam or honey occasionally.

Cereal – not so much but occasionally for something different.

Oatmeal – again, not so much. But we have a lot of quick oats so it’s nice for days between loaves of bread, for a quick breakfast.

Yogurt – for those good probiotics, and a nice easy breakfast

Fruit, berries, bananas, apples, sometimes combined with yogurt or oatmeal – to keep it more fresh and healthy

Certain things depend on the weather: on a cold day, warm toast or oatmeal would be more preferred, and on summer days, fruit or yogurt may be more preferred.  A smoothie is also nice, but I don’t like the loud sound of the blender too early in the morning.


Now, generally, lunches can be mixed with dinner and dinner with lunches, and it is not all that set in stone.  I also am more likely to have lunch at university, so either buying something there or bringing something along.  However, certain things I love having for lunch are:

Pasta salad!! (with feta cheese and olives please!)

Veggie + Cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese

Tomato soup

Vegetarian sushi rolls (Avocado in particular) – I don’t make them but I like getting them at university some days if I don’t bring something along.  I could probably make them but have yet to.

Macaroni and cheese (could also be dinner, of course. 😛 )

Dinners (or perhaps more elaborate lunches)

Pasta, with tomato sauce, and sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers, garlic…

Stuffed pasta with creamy alfredo sauce.

Perogies and sour cream

Soup and buns (can be more of a lunch thing, depending whether soup is homemade or from a can and same with the buns if they are homemade or bought in store)

Tacos or taco salad with chili or beans as the protein!

Chili and rice

Roasted potatoes and other root vegetables, with mushroom or onion gravy – especially with the winter months ahead.

Anyway, and there are more things I like to eat, but I just felt like writing a little post with some of my favourite foods, just a personal little memo to me, some of my favourite comfort foods or go to meals, some more than others, but all are nice in their own ways.

Of course, some of these above things are healthier than others and some should be eaten in moderation and also, if they do not include a variety of vegetables, it is good to have a nice salad on the side.  I really love greek type salads because I like adding olives and feta cheese and grape tomatoes and cucumbers to my salads. I really enjoy pasta salads, but a lighter version would be with lettuce.

It is nice for me to be able to write these thoughts down because I feel it helps me organize my thoughts around my food, and helps me think about my future meal plans. I really want to start working on some budget-friendly vegetarian meal plans that include foods both my boyfriend and I both like to eat and provide us with adequate nutrition to meet our needs, but midterm exam week was not a good week to start this.  Maybe next week I will try more.  Then I can blog about my progress if I actually make a meal plan that I am happy with.


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