My food culture and ethnicity

So, I feel as if I have a very mixed food culture and ethnicity.  I was born and raised in Canada, so it’s no surprise really as Canada has very mixed ethnicity, and I have been exposed to many different types of foods.  I think this is probably very common in most of the world today, particularly the western world.

When describing my background to other people, I have often taken to wanting to say “Mennonite” but a lot of people are not as familiar with that term.  In terms of ethnicity usually I will say German and Dutch, and leave it at that for simplicity sake, even though really there’s a long list of countries that I could list.  I feel like it is better encompassed by saying “Mennonite” because the Mennonites moved from country to country to escape certain persecution for their beliefs differing, especially their beliefs in adult baptism and strong pacifist beliefs.  Catherine the Great of Russia invited the Mennonites over and they really flourished in Russia for awhile, and my grandparents on my dad’s side were born in the Russia colonies.  Though then World war 2 happened and many of the Mennonites had to leave Russia and ended up Germany and elsewhere, many moving to Canada eventually like my grandparents did.

In addition to my food ethnicity not always feeling very clear, though I guess sometimes I just summarize with saying European or Northern European, but that is too inclusive I think. It just is difficult to describe to people.

Sometimes I feel very vulnerable explaining my food ethnicity to people too because I get very protective of it and feel that people might not understand what I am saying.  Also in my class where we discuss food choice and things that contribute to what we choose to eat, the instructor is Polish and he often talks about how he likes perogies and that really resonates with me, because I identify perogies to being Mennonite. Although I know there are variations of the Polish pierogi and Mennonite perogies.  When I think of perogies, I really crave the cottage cheese perogies that are very rare to find nowadays.  In Safeway, I see lots of different perogies, but all with a potato base.  And it is difficult to make them because they require dry cottage cheese curd which I am not sure how to buy it, maybe some specialty store might have it, maybe it’s at Safeway and I have yet to find it…  anyway, it’s probably in one of the stores in my hometown because there are more Mennonites there, but I have to wait until I go back to see my parents, probably at Christmas time since it is so busy with university now.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Thank God I have it off, no classes or work. I really needed this break. I wanted to make a nice big meal but wanted to balance a nice meal with having lots of time to relax since I am so busy with university. So I got some potatoes and carrots and gravy mix and will make roasted potatoes and carrots with onion and mushroom and gravy.  And I also got some Yves Mushroom burgers that we can have alongside for added protein and nutrition.  Also, we have an asparagus and basil soup that my boyfriend decided would be nice for Thanksgiving.  To pair with our meal we have a nice Gewurztraminer white wine.  To finish off we have pumpkin pie and probably could have some coffee with that.  It should be a nice day.  We also have our viewing options down, my boyfriend wants to watch “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles” and I really want to watch Gilmore Girls thanksgiving episode (Season 3, episode 9).  It should be a nice day, not worrying too much about anything.

However, I do have an assignment and midterm due on the coming Friday so I will have to work on that this coming week as well.

And today I have to go to work in less than 2 hours, but it’s okay, hopefully it is not too busy.

Have a great day and Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!!

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