My food identity

Hello, today I wanted to talk about my personal food identity, how it relates to my past experiences, my present experiences and the knowledge I have collected as well as my knowledge, and personal preference.

I am a vegetarian, I like to eat healthy, but I also like meals that are satisfying, foods that nourish and “comfort” me.  How does a food comfort me?  It is a good question and one I grappled with the other day when I described my eating identity to a fellow student.

I like thinking about foods as comforting probably because I have struggled with anxiety and certain foods feel comforting. Although, I realize that it is a very subjective term. I think it’s about familiar foods, I find familiar foods comforting.  I think I definitely have a preference for savory foods. I do like sweet foods, but I have stronger cravings for savory foods.

I also see comfort foods as foods relating to my childhood, foods that I liked when I was younger, or foods that connect me to my family history.  For example, I have Mennonite heritage and find foods like perogies and soup and buns comforting.  When I was younger, I liked to drink Sun Rype Apple Juice, so it becomes a comfort when I have the same drink today.

I think food preferences are very linked with our social environments and where and how we grow up.  I wish for future generations, that healthy eating will be more valued and kids in school will have healthier “fun” hot lunches and that healthy eating will be associated with foods that taste good, not with bland vegetables.

I am excited about the courses I am taking this semester at university and how I can integrate the new knowledge I learn this semester and this year with my current knowledge.  That’s it for now, have a great day!

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