Trying to be Healthy…

Hi! I wanted to write this blog because I wanted to share my feelings about healthy eating and nutrition, and where I do well and where I fall short.  No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. In fact, I believe we should not strive to be perfect, rather realize that life is what we make it, and we should enjoy life and that includes our food.

I will say that I feel so much better when I know I have made an effort to eat and live healthier. I feel more energized when I’m fully hydrated, full of fresh fruit and veggies, and haven’t eaten my body weight in refined carbs and sugars!  The choice seems obvious.

However, it rarely is so simple. I am a full-time university student, going into 4th year, and work part time, and my boyfriend is in full-time employment, so our time is limited, so making healthy meals usually feels so time-consuming, if not the preparation then there’s the clean up… sometimes it just feels easier to order pizza or make kraft dinner mac n cheese for dinner.  Even though I should meal plan and I know there are lots of easy healthy meals out there, I have made some of them before. I am especially good at figuring out healthy snacks.

It’s easier for me though because I love cherry tomatoes on their own, fresh blueberries make me so happy, but my boyfriend is a bit different than me and isn’t as fond of these particular healthy snacks and I have to be a bit more creative to think about what kind of easy healthy snacks I could have on hand that we both like… to avoid having as many chips or resorting to popcorn as much.  I do know many things he likes, although I have to be mindful of his tastes when I meal plan or go shopping so I buy things that we both like. Of course I can buy things I like that he doesn’t and vice versa, but it’s good to share with each other in this journey to better health.

There are 2 1/2 weeks left until my fourth year of university starts, and this is the time to start preparing for the year ahead, and making my last year my best year. I already am trying out a new budget software YNAB – “You need a budget” which is free for students, and plan to utilize other apps and organizational tools to keep me on track for the year ahead.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


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