Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners… are they good or bad, or somewhere in between?  In general, I think it best to consume sugar in a form that is as close to natural as possible.  Though I also think that artificial sweeteners can be great for someone who is diabetic and wishes to enjoy a sweetened cup of coffee or soda without worry about their blood sugar.  I try to be understanding of those around me who use artificial sweeteners, and even consume products that contain them sometimes as well.

There was a news article out recently on Science Daily on artificial sweeteners which is interesting (link: click here).  This article concludes that artificial sweeteners seem to increase appetite for real sugar, at least that is the research of some animal studies.  Apparently, consuming artificial sweeteners like sucralose create a discrepancy in the body between sweetness and energy and the body seeks to balance it out and craves real sugar calories even more.

This is very interesting because, as the article discusses briefly, people consume artificial sweeteners not only to manage diabetes but in efforts to consume less calories and lose weight.  If people consume more calories because of the artificial sweeteners, then it cancels out the benefits.  People should just drink regular soda and use regular sugar.

So, my thoughts after reading the article, well they confirm previous ideas I have had. Artificial sweeteners are not really the best way to lose weight.  Consuming real sugar in moderation would be better. Consuming fresh fruit and vegetable (with that beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals) would be even better, as the fibre will help people keep fuller longer, and the vitamins and minerals can help stave off cravings for more food.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Leave a comment if you wish and see you around. 🙂

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