My past history with food

As far as I can remember, I have never been a hugely picky eater.  Well until I became a vegetarian, then I become more picky, as I avoided eating meat.

In combination to enjoying my food, I was not a very coordinated person and did not enjoy playing too many sports growing up.  In addition to this, I was a very inhibited child in social situations (ie: school, church) and anxious growing up into my teen years, and struggled with mild depression in high school.  All this contributed to over indulging in calorie dense foods, intaking more calories than I burned off, contributing to me being overweight.

I have never gone on one of the strict fad diets, as I had internalized already that I shouldn’t restrict myself too much because I heard about how it can escalate into anorexia or other eating disorders.

I have tried other lifestyle changes to try and change and maybe lose some weight, get in shape. Things like following a stricter vegetarian diet, raw food vegan diet, juicing, trying an exercise+shake program, but they were not the right fit for me.

I decided today that I would use this blog, that is dedicated to comfort and nutrition, to also tell my story with food and nutrition.  I will chronicle my successes and failures with food and talk about my plans to get my diet and exercise on track.  In addition to talking about my story, I will try and post recipes that I make, I will post pictures on my Tumblr (link), and also continue to share nutrition tips and ideas and my favourite herbs and nutrients.

Take care and comment on any posts if you want to hear anything specific!

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