Sugar – is it really so bad?

Sugar.. sweet.. candy.. almost everyone loves something sweet.  I can see the effects of sugar making kids hyper and making me feel too sick when I eat too much of it.

Sugar is made up of glucose molecules, and glucose is used for energy.  We use energy to move and do work and stuff.  So why can’t we just get all our energy from chocolate bars or sugary drinks?

One of the biggest reasons why sugar can be so detrimental is due to the fact that most sources of sugar are also lacking in other nutrients.  These foods are so energy dense without being nutrient dense.  So people may be surviving on sugar, but their bone density  will decline (lack of Calcium), their hair may be falling out  and other external and internal things will start to happen which makes this lifestyle unsustainable.

However if someone eats a balanced nutritious diet first, then a few sweets on the side will not crowd out those nutrients as badly and the person should be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Though it depends on how active a person is, and how many calories they need and their nutrient requirements.

This is why eating an apple or banana is so much better for you than snacking on a chocolate bar or even drinking some juice.  The apple and banana have the fibre and nutrients that balance out the sugar and ensure it doesn’t cause a huge blood sugar spike as well as providing your body with nutrients to help it thrive.  Juice, while better than pop especially due to usually the presence of vitamin C and sometimes other vitamins, is not the ideal choice as in liquid form it lacks the fibre to prevent a huge blood sugar spike.  A chocolate bar lacks nutrition at all. Though perhaps a granola bar may be a healthier choice with added oat fibre and nuts for protein, and hopefully minimized sugars and excess fats.

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