The Comfort of Coffee

Yes… coffee isn’t exactly food, you are correct.  Although it is linked to food in many ways as it is a beverage often consumed with food, particularly fluffy pastries, cakes, muffins and basically any breakfast item!


For me, coffee has been such a comforting drink.  I grew up with parents and grandparents who would drink this dark comforting liquid.  When I was younger, I mainly knew it for its aroma.  That lovely coffee aroma.  I remember the first few times I tried the taste of coffee, I marveled at how it did not taste the same as it smelled.

Then in high school, I started watching Gilmore Girls,
thanks to one of my best friends’ recommendations that I start watching the show.  If you don’t know, the girls are Lorelai and Rory, a mother-daughter duo who are addicted to coffee.  This added to the sense of comfort I have grown to associate with coffee.


Then with the end of high school and the beginning of the first phase of my university life (general studies at the local university), I continued to drink coffee regularly.  Since then I have sometimes switched it up and had green tea or black tea regularly or some other drink as my regular beverage.  Currently, I have been back to drinking coffee on a regular basis, it keeps me going with my busy university schedule interspersed with part-time work and personal goals.

Coffee just makes me feel so comforted.  It is like a nice warm hug after a long day or a nice wake-me-up in the morning.  Leave a comment on how you feel about coffee too.


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